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Our offer

We are a new kind of Consultancy. We define, design and deliver a more rewarding brand experience.

We create shows, high profile events including exhibitions and conferences, road-shows, mobile marketing campaigns and enhanced retail experiences.

We design Brand Centres including brand spaces, visitor centres and venues.

We offer sponsorship advice and activation services.

And we create online experiences and immersive, interactive and touch-screen technology solutions.


Our approach

Interact is a Consultancy that aims to drive positive change in opinion and advocacy.

We develop meaningful and authentic brand stories to bring brands to life. Enhancing the actions and engaging behaviours along well-defined and constantly more rewarding customer journeys.

We help brands tell their stories, engaging diverse audiences through relevant channels and enhanced experiences. Offering consultancy, creative ideas, concept design & realisation, sponsorship advice and activation, production and a full implementation service.

We believe brand advocacy
drives brand value and commercial growth