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The story of wood and the making of Macallan

Creating Scotland’s highest rated distillery experience - The Macallan Single Malt Whisky


The Scottish highlands are the home of single malt whisky making, and The Macallan – one of the world’s leading whisky brands.


Their ambition was to create a visitor experience that stood out from the rest by telling a compelling and authentic story about why their process, ingredients and expertise are consistently producing a world beating product.


The answer was in the story that we helped create. The story of wood and the maturation process that is essential to great whisky. We introduced visitors to the distilling process, the time honoured techniques, of barrel making and sourcing (whisky barrels have previously held sherry or bourbon), the art of blending to maintain consistency and the unmistakable character of the whisky makers of Speyside.


The Macallan experience is consistently rated amongst the top three whisky experiences in Scotland, but more importantly, every visitor leaves with a crystal clear understanding of what makes The Macallan the Best.

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