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Creating the home of Mercedes-Benz World, Brooklands, UK

Telling the 100 year story of Mercedes to 100,000 visitors per year


10 years ago, the Brooklands race circuit in Surrey was a scene of desolation and neglect. Although the home to a charming auto museum, the site of the greatest racing triumphs of the pre-war period was a symbol of past glories only.


Mercedes-Benz had a vision to create a place where the glories of the past could be remembered but the engineering achievements of the present and future could be celebrated.


We worked with the client to distil the stories that lay behind the numerous innovations that studded the past of the world’s greatest motor car maker. We created experiences that took visitors through the thought processes, the manufacturing disciplines and the motor sport successes of Mercedes-Benz. We also helped design the driving experiences and entertainment offering that broke the mould of automotive dealerships in the UK.


Mercedes-Benz World now hosts over 100,000 visitors every year. The facility is used for corporate meetings, conferences, team-building and incentive programmes as well as delivering a fabulous day out for the whole family. Soon over 1 million visitors will have been converted to advocates for an iconic global brand.