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Generating a national news agenda to drive green advocacy

Turning a green sponsorship initiative into a major news generator; B&Q One Planet Home sponsorship of the START Royal Garden Party


B&Q, the DIY and Homecare superstores, recognised early the opportunity to help their customers improve the energy efficiency and sustainability of their homes.


The One Planet Home sub-brand was gaining momentum, but other retailers and utility companies were all vying for recognition in this lucrative market. Our challenge was to help B&Q gain the leading role and drive business.


B&Q became one of a number of major sponsors of the START Garden Party, an initiative of The Prince of Wales, at St James Palace in London. The event, which was set to attract 10,000 visitors over a few days in Summer 2010, was to be an inspiring and educational experience for those interested in sustainability.

Our solution was to avoid the typical ‘pavilion’ approach adopted by others, and instead create a series of iconic ‘experiences’ across the site. Not only did we engage with many more visitors, our icons offered the perfect backdrop, and occasionally subject, for news reports, photographs and plenty of online comment


Post event research showed that B&Q were the most recognised and remembered sponsor and over £1m in media was achieved on the strength of the TV, radio and feature coverage they received.

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