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Le Voyage – authentic brand
engagement for key advocates

Bringing the story of GREY GOOSE to life in its birth place


GREY GOOSE is ‘The World’s Best Tasting Vodka’ and has achieved incredible success, particularly in the US, based on its taste and the influential advocacy of bartenders, mixologists, writers and those ‘in the know’.


However, there was a growing desire in this community to actually visit the places, meet the people and witness the processes first hand that made GREY GOOSE taste so great.


The spirit that goes on to become GREY GOOSE vodka is distilled from the finest French soft winter wheat. Harvested in a small number of farms in Picardy every summer, this wheat is carefully milled in the distillery’s own facility and to Francois Thibault’s exacting requirements, before being converted, through a unique five-step distillation process, into the raw spirit that will be transported down to Cognac to be made into GREY GOOSE.

Le Voyage, a complex, high value advocacy programme, has taken over 500 visitors on a journey through France to see at first hand exactly what goes into GREY GOOSE and to meet the men and women who exemplify the finest traditions of French spirit making.


Over the last two years, these key influencers have renewed their positive support for GREY GOOSE. Voyageurs have taken to twitter during their visit and have blogged consistently on their return about the inspiring and reassuring experience of becoming part of the GREY GOOSE story. They have made it their story and shared it with enthusiasm.

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