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Raising the Standard

Saudi Arabian Export Development

Creating a mark of excellence to represent a nation’s pride


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is well known for its oil and minerals, but has many lesser-known quality products to offer.Authority (SEDA)


With many governmental and private export authorities it had become challenging for companies to seek tailored help and advice. The ambition was to develop a one-stop destination to aggregate talent, create transparency and help Saudi companies grow to their maximum potential and increase their exports across the region and beyond.


We conducted a rigorous comparator audit and best practice analysis, combined with in-depth interviews with the new management team, representatives from export companies and other relevant stakeholders, in order to find core insights. From this we developed the brand’s positioning, personality, name and tone of voice, which was brought to life creatively.


Having created a new strategic platform and a visual identity, we are now in the implementation stage.

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