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Refreshing those with a taste for the Authentic™

Alpin Pure Natural Spring Water brand creation


Established in the UAE in 2004, and listed on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX), the Agthia Group offers a world-class portfolio of integrated businesses, providing top quality, trusted and innovative food and beverage products for customers and consumers across the UAE, GCC, Turkey and the Middle East. See


Arguably the Middle East’s leading food and beverage provider, Agthia expanded into Turkey in December 2011 by acquiring Pelit Su; a regional Spring Water Company based in Pozanti, in Turkey’s southern Adana.

Agthia’s intention wasn’t to just fulfill the legal requirement to produce a new brand name. Their ambition was to create a brand that would become synonymous across Turkey with the Adana region’s purest, highest quality natural spring water. And ultimately, be a symbol of national pride beyond Turkish borders.


Inspired by the Pelit family’s long traditions, we delved into the region’s history while exploring the contemporary marketplace. We discovered Adana’s natural spring water – and the stories around it – met a genuine thirst for the authentic in today’s consumers, something missing from many current brands.

This informed the new brand’s positioning, values and personality and was brought to life in Alpin. Combining genuine history with a refreshing modern relevance, it’s the future for those with a taste for the authentic.


We’re in the implementation stage which has so far included a new packaging range, new website, communication packs and briefing tools. For the figures, please come back in six months.